Arbonne Soothing Overnight Mask review

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Why have I decided to try the Arbonne Soothing Overnight Mask? I’ve hit the stage of my life where I am no longer a spring chicken. As I’ve grown up a little, I realised I hadn’t really been taking care of myself in the way that I should be. Or could be! I decided that it was time I needed a full blown body MOT.

The largest organ that you have on your body is your skin. I’m not proud to admit I’d certainly been neglecting mine for the majority of my years on earth. The makeup wipe was my best friend, I had no skincare regime and I didn’t really give a second thought to what I was putting on my skin. I decided to go on a quest in a bid to tackle wrinkles, take care of myself and improve my skin.

I wanted to develop a skincare routine that would hopefully help me have smoother skin in no time at all. So I started to take a look at which types of products I needed in my routine. After lots of research, I wanted to invest in a good face mask.

I like the idea of a product which really sinks into your skin and has a long time to do its magic. So once I’d decided to incorporate a mask into my regime, it was just a case of choosing which one. There are so many incredible different face masks – where would I start?


Why Arbonne?

Arbonne Soothing Overnight Mask review

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Arbonne was a brand name I’d heard a few times before – and I must admit, I was getting pretty fed up. In the same vein as things like Avon and Herbalife, I believed Arbonne to be a pyramid scheme. One where people I hadn’t spoken to on Facebook for a very long time attempted to contact me and sell me products.

Products I didn’t really want. It’s safe to say I wasn’t on board. However, I received a message from someone I actually considered to be a friend – who was now an Arbonne representative. I decided to take a little browse and went on the website just to humour her, seeing which products were on offer. I can never say no to makeup, after all!

My initial feeling was that the products were a little pricey for what they seemed to be. However, the Soothing Overnight Mask immediately caught my eye. The Arbonne website says that the soothing overnight mask repairs and balances your skin as you sleep.

It apparently helps to calm, soothe, hydrate and offer an improved skin tone and a healthier complexion. Instantly I was intrigued. This product looked like the perfect addition to my new skincare routine. Thus, despite it being £29 which is a little over my usual budget, I decided to take the plunge. I chose to give it a go.

Packaging and Delivery

Arbonne Soothing Overnight Mask review

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As I ordered the product, the delivery charge was a whopping £6.50, which for a standard delivery is quite frankly obscene. I almost choked when I saw the total at the checkout. But I’d already come this far and I decided to go for it. However, unless the package was delivered in gold I was already seriously sceptical about this company. And quite put off the ordering process.

Luckily, the delivery itself was pretty seamless (I should think so for that price). In a couple of days, I had a beautiful box with my new product inside. The packaging was immaculate and the communication of the delivery was clear.

Before I applied the product, I decided to take a closer look at the brand. I was excited that their website claimed they transform lives through ‘pure, botanically based ingredients in scientifically tested products’.

They claimed to be offering a pure, healthy lifestyle, which sounds great. Since taking a little more notice of the ingredients of my products, I’ve sought to choose products which contain the most natural ingredients possible.

So I was really hoping this claim would be true. However, I’ve been burned by this statement before, and discovered some products I simply adored contained hazardous ingredients. I decided to take a closer look and see what was in this product.

Arbonne Overnight Mask Ingredients

Well colour me impressed! Despite a couple of ingredients hitting a 3 and 4 on the dangerous scale, the majority of ingredients which combine to create this mask are incredibly low risk. Even then, 3 and 4 respectively are still classed as pretty low levels of danger.

It tends to be ingredients which hit a 5 and above that get a raised eyebrow from me. Because of these low ratings, was confident to get going with this product and give it a go.

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So Did It Work?

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The consistency of this product is an instantly cooling gel which feels absolutely lovely when you put it on. You apply all over your face and it feels particularly great when the weather is a little warmer. It’s quite wet initially and you do need to give it a couple of minutes to dry.

After that, it sinks into the skin remarkably and dries on the face without feeling sticky. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all, which is great.

With it being a mask you sleep in, I was really worried about it making my face feel tight. I didnt want anything that would disrupt my sleep. Luckily, it genuinely just feels like I have a refreshing moisturiser on. You just wash your face first thing in the morning and the product has done its magic.

After a couple of days I noticed my skin was a lot softer, looked plumper and fresher. It also looked much smoother in the mornings. On days where I was going to the gym of a morning, I’ve felt much more confident going makeup free. I really felt like I could see results almost instantly.


My Verdict

Now a few weeks later, I have to say that this little product has been used every single night. My skin feels really refreshed and hydrated, and on the whole is a lot softer and I’m very pleased with it.

I wouldn’t say it’s had any particular effect on the quality of my skin. Any acne or spots I had before haven’t necessarily improved. However, the actual skin itself, the bags under my eyes and my complexion has improved tenfold.

I also feel like my skin feels fantastic under makeup now once I’ve washed this off in the morning. This product has seriously impressed me and I actually can’t imagine going to sleep without it on. However, the price tag and the delivery charge are still enough to put me off reordering.

I think the next step for me will be to do my research and see if I can find similar masks. I’ll be looking for one which is slightly more budget friendly. This will allow me to repurchase with ease without having to fork out a small fortune for delivery every time.

If I can’t find an alternative, however, I do think that I’ll struggle. I can’t imagine developing a skincare routine now without a product of this kind featuring in there.

I would recommend this product to any friend who was blessed with a decent budget for their skin care. It is however definitely on the more expensive spectrum compared to other masks I’ve seen. I’m personally hoping to find a cheaper alternative with similar results. The delivery charge alone is enough to put anyone off!