While it is not my favourite thing to admit, I occasionally suffer for sebhorreic dermatitis on my scalp. Many men and women have this issue, and while the cosmetic problems are dreadful on their own (a collar full of white flakes, anyone?), the itchiness and pain are truly awful.

I have tried many solutions to rid myself permanently of my dandruff, but in times of stress it returns. I have tried medicated shampoos, home remedies such as a coconut oil and tea tree essential oil, and hair masks designed specifically for sebhorreic dermatitis.

The shampoos leave my hair crispy and dry, the oils leave my hair greasy, and the masks seem to do nothing! Over time, the problem will mysteriously dissipate, only to return when it is least convenient.

After Googling remedies for sebhorreic dermatitis, I came across Aveda Scalp Remedy Dandruff Solution on many message boards. People swore by its effectiveness, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and end my dandruff woes forever.

What Is Sebhorreic Dermatitis?

Aveda Scalp Remedy Dandruff Solution review

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In plain English, this term refers to a plaque-like build up of scaly yellow skin all over the scalp. For many people (including myself) it tends to be concentrated around behind my ears and up to the crown of my head. It appears at times of stress, but can also be exacerbated by poor hygiene, environmental factors and diet.

When the sebhorreic dermatitis rears its ugly head, I notice thick patches of scales on my scalp, and it is very tempting to try to pick them off. This can cause the patches to get worse, and make them ooze and even bleed.

Some people blame a certain amount of hair loss on sebhorreic dermatitis. The skin picking can cause a certain amount of hair loss, but the follicle can actually become blocked by the build up. This results in fewer new hairs growing through the scalp.

It is itchy and can be very uncomfortable, particularly in hot weather. Whenever my scalp sweats (in the heat, or in a yoga class or at the gym), the sebhorreic dermatitis can become almost unbearable itchy and even painful. All around, this condition is a real nightmare, and I was eager to try any solution.

Packaging And Bottle

I ordered my Dandruff Remedy from LookFantastic.com, and the ordering process was smooth and simple. The package arrived to my doorstep promptly, and it was well wrapped and protected. I opened it up and was greeted by an attractively designed box with the chic natural design that Aveda is known for.

The product comes contained in a brown recycled plastic bottle with a white applicator tip. The end of the tip is shaped in a unique way that allows it to get close to the root and spray directly onto the scalp.

This turned out to be quite a good thing, as I did find that when I got the product on my hair, it did get very clumpy and sticky.

Aveda Scalp Remedy Dandruff Solution Ingredients

Aveda is known for their extensive use of natural botanical ingredients and plant based oils. This product is no exception, and contains many ingredients that are meant to soothe and purify the scalp.

These include:

  • Salicylic acid – A common ingredient in dandruff remedies, salicylic acid (derived from willow bark) is meant to exfoliate the scalp. It provides a very mild form of a chemical peel to help newer, healthier skin emerge.
  • Sugar beet extract – This helps to condition the scalp and feed it with vital nutrients.
  • Lippia – A flowering plant in the verbena family, lippia helps to clarify the scalp and remove the plaques of waxy skin.
  • Rosemary, Echinacea and Sage – These soothing natural herbs are ideal for calming and toning the scalp after the stress and damage of the sebhorreic dermatitis build up.

All of these ingredients worked together to create a slightly sweet, peppermint-y aroma.

Instructions And Effectiveness

Aveda Scalp Remedy Dandruff Solution review

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The Aveda packaging and website instructs the user to spray the product directly onto the scalp after shampooing, and to leave on without rinsing out. They claim that this will lead to a visible reduction in flakes and build up of 41% in just one week. The product boasts that over time, it will prevent the recurrence of the problem.

Sadly, I did not find this the case. After using the product for two weeks, I have only noticed a small reduction in my problem. It is really hard to say if this is due to the product working, or if it is simply the natural reduction that occurs over time and a concerted effort on my part to stop scratching at my scalp.

I found it really hard to want to use this product, as it made my hair feel sticky and greasy, and the strands of hair in the area where I would apply felt clumped together.

If I went out after applying the product, I could definitely feel that my hair was clumpy in the back of my head. This was not a nice feeling, and I would have been happy to endure it if I felt that the product was really working. Sadly, I did not find this to be the case.

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Summary Of My Experience

At this price, I simply cannot recommend this product. While I have seen many glowing reviews online, my own experience was of sticky hair and very few noticeable results.

I have been using the product for 2 weeks, and the difference is negligible. Time will tell if this has a long lasting effect and prevents the sebhorreic dermatitis from returning. If this is the case, I will update this review.