Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick: Liv It Up REVIEW

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Lipstick is without a doubt the one makeup product that I couldn’t live without. I love how a slick of lipstick completely transforms your look. I’ve worn lipstick every single day for so many years now. I just don’t look like me without it! As such, I’m always on the hunt for a good lipstick.

Though I’d prefer a budget friendly option, it’s something I wear so often that I can justify a little more budget on something I’ll fall in love with. When it comes to quality lipsticks, the one brand on everyone’s lips is Charlotte Tilbury.

It has dreamy packaging to the celebrity fans and endless blogger reviews. Charlotte Tilbury has achieved cult status in the world of beauty. I’d been itching to try one of her lipsticks for a long time. Coming in at £24, they’re certainly not cheap! However, I decided to take the plunge and treat myself – to see what all the fuss is about.

The Charlotte Tilbury Brand

As I previously mentioned, Charlotte Tilbury is a pretty big deal in the makeup world. She has advocates from Kim Kardashian to Kate Moss – and a host of celebrities in between. All of which swear by her product. Charlotte claims on her website that ‘give a woman the right makeup and she can conquer the world’. I for one couldn’t agree more!

My Expectations

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick: Liv It Up REVIEW

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When I was researching which lipstick to purchase, the Charlotte Tilbury website absolutely blew me away. Each product has an incredibly detailed page. There are swatches of the lipstick on different women with different skin tones. Consequently, you can see what it will look like on your skin type.

There are detailed descriptions, videos and reviews. It’s safe to say I was so impressed – and I had very high hopes for this product. If it was anything as good as the marketing led me to believe – I’d be in for a treat! I decided to choose the Hot Lips K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula of lipstick for something moisturising and hydrating. I chose the colour ‘Liv It Up’, which is a super pretty pale pink. This shade was inspired by Liv Tyler – so I was really excited to test it out.

Receiving The Product

Getting a Charlotte Tilbury product in the post is like an experience. The packaging is absolutely to die for and the delivery is super speedy. You open the box to be greeted with luxurious tissue paper and a rose gold CT seal. The box is crammed full of incredible little samples and unwrapping it truly feels special.

It already feels like a completely different experience to a lower budget product! The box holding the lipstick itself is small, glossy and contains all of the information you need on it. These are the ingredients and a sassy lip print. The lipstick itself probably has the most gorgeous packaging I’ve ever seen. It’s incredibly compact, with a stunning metallic rose gold metal case.

The lipstick itself is contoured to meet the curve of your lips. It’s printed with a lip print embedded in the lipstick. It’s safe to say I was every inch as impressed with the product and delivery as I was the website. Now to put it to the test!

Testing The Lipstick Out

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick: Liv It Up REVIEW

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The lipstick is a really pretty pearly pink shade which swatches like a dream. The formula of this product is truly unlike any other lipstick I’ve had. It’s creamy and super hydrating, and you get an amazing colour payoff instantly. You can gently slick it over your lips for a light pink sheen. Alternatively, build it up for a more opaque finish.

The colour really does last all day and keeps your lips soft and subtle. There’s no need to add any lip balm or moisturising product on top. This lipstick managed to withstand multiple cups of coffee and lots of food throughout the day. I didn’t need to reapply once!

I’m seriously impressed with how the product makes my lips feel. Usually I opt for matte shades to keep the colour lasting all day. However, this product allows you the same durability without compromising on the moisture your lips need to feel soft.

The Ingredients – Our Health Hazard Analysis

There’s only one product on this list which is registering as a 5 on the scale of how hazardous a product is. There’s a couple which fall around the 4 mark depending on usage. Admittedly I would prefer a product with no potentially hazardous elements.

However I’m not overly concerned by one ingredient which marks a 5/10. Or the few which could be potentially hazardous depending on usage. I love the lipstick enough for me to risk it. Had there been a couple more stand out ingredients perhaps I would have changed my mind!


I couldn’t possibly love this lipstick any more! It’s become a staple item in my handbag. The pearly pink shade is also so flattering for a day to day look too. This colour pink is also so welcome for an evening look because it compliments a dramatic smoky eye absolutely perfectly.

I would advise absolutely anyone to invest in a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick if they want a high quality product with a truly luxury feel. Yes, it is expensive but in my opinion, it really is worth the investment. It’s a little treat that you’ll fall in love with and it will last you a long time.