Hairburst Healthy Hair Vitamins Review

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If I were to choose one element of my appearance that is truly important to me, it would undeniably be my hair. I’ve been quite fortunate to be blessed with thick hair that is easy to curl or straighten, holds a shape well and is quite versatile in terms of style.

However, having had an incident a few years prior with some broken hair straighteners that completely singed my long locks and resulted in a forced bob – getting my hair long, thick and glossy again has been quite the momentous task.

My hair is finally back to a decent length and in pretty good condition thanks to heat protection spray and regular hair masks, but I’m always looking for something that can give me a little boost.

Why Hair Vitamins?

I’ve tried hair vitamins before, and have most certainly seen an impact in the growth of my hair as a result. However, the vitamins I tried before had a couple of dangerous ingredients in them, and I decided to stop taking them because I would rather limit any hazardous ingredients I put into my body. However, Hairburst was a brand I had seen continuously crop up on my social media channels and they most certainly piqued my interest.


Choosing Hairburst

I’ll be honest – more than anything, I was curious to see if this brand was worth the hype. I’d noticed a huge number of reality tv stars and social media influencers singing the praises of Hairburst, proclaiming that the results when taking the hair vitamins are incredible.

Hairburst Healthy Hair Vitamins Review

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Whilst I am sometimes slightly sceptical of influencer marketing at such a high volume, the word on the street most definitely seemed to flatter Hairburst and showcase that they were a good brand.

I wanted to see if the brand was worth the hype – particularly when I noticed the hefty price tag. The Hairburst course of vitamins was £59.99 for 3 months, which is significantly more than I had ever paid for vitamins in the past.

I was slightly concerned about the price tag, but I really wanted to see if this brand lived up to its expectations and whether I would be blown away or disappointed.

What Were My Expectations?

I must admit – I wasn’t expecting much from the product. Despite dropping a pretty hefty sum of money on these vitamins for a 3 month course, I was still expecting that the product be pretty disappointing with minimal results.

The wave of influencers raving about the product in posts seemingly sponsored by the brand had an air of ingenuity and I was highly sceptical.

Receiving the Product

The product arrived incredibly quickly, despite having not paid for next day delivery they were on my desk the day after making the purchase. Whilst I was incredibly impressed with the speed of the delivery, the packaging itself was pretty uninspiring. I had ordered the offer for 3 months worth of Hairburst vitamins for £59.99, and the three boxes of vitamins arrived in a standard white envelope, with no exciting packaging.

The design of the individual box is quite simple yet effective. It’s clean, white, pristine and the text is in fun and vibrant pastel colours – a look which very much matches the brand’s theme on social media.

I think the product packaging is simple but quite nice, they certainly stand out on a shelf and look good.


Sampling Hairburst for 3 Months

Hairburst Healthy Hair Vitamins Review

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The Hairburst Healthy Hair Vitamins are required to be taken twice a day – once in the morning and once before lunch. Because I have a pretty terrible memory and find it difficult to make new routines, I struggled with getting used to taking these twice daily for a few weeks. I would put them in my handbag and either forget them for lunch, or get home and realise I’d left them at work.

After setting an alarm on my phone, I got a little bit better at taking them on time, but I’d be lying if I said I had consistently taken these products day in and day out for 3 months.

The tablets themselves are quite big, and definitely difficult to swallow without water – so that’s definitely something to bear in mind before purchasing if you struggle with tablets. There is no taste so they’re not particularly unpleasant.

For the first couple of weeks, I noticed no difference in my hair, but having spent a significant amount on the vitamins I was determined to stick out the course and see what happened. It was after about a month that I started to see a real difference.

My hair was glossier, thicker and most certainly longer. It was in great condition and was growing rapidly.

This is something that continued throughout the three months. From a month onwards, I noticed how much my hair was growing. I actually had to go and get a haircut because it was getting so long that the shape I’d previously had cut in was growing out of it!

I noticed a level of growth in my hair that I’ve never seen before, and after getting a haircut it continued to grow longer and longer. I can safely say that the Hairburst vitamins most certainly delivered when it came to the hair growth they promised.

What’s in the Hairburst Hair Vitamins?

 Capsule shell E464 (Colourant: Titanium Dixoide E171)

  1 – 3  (depending on usage)
 Zinc Citrate   3 – Moderate 
 Retinyl Acetate   9 – High


  5 – Moderate 
 Sodium Selenite

  2 – 3 (depending on usage)

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After deciding to take the plunge and invest in the Hairburst Healthy Hair Vitamins, sampled them for three months and enjoyed the end result, I wanted to take a look at the ingredients list – particularly after having been stung with some nasty hazardous ingredients with previous hair vitamins.

As you can see above, the majority of the ingredients within this list have a low danger rating – though there are two on the list which are a 5 or above, one of which is a 9, which is incredibly high and really quite concerning.

My Opinion

As much as I felt like the Hairburst vitamins most certainly worked, I am undeniably concerned about the potentially dangerous ingredients they contain. I  would certainly not be looking to put a hazardous ingredient of a 9/10 level into my body if I could possibly avoid it, and now that I have hair which is longer and more glossy, I will be looking to stop my intake of the Hairburst vitamins – perhaps starting again later down the line if I need a little boost.

Overall Mark

If you’re willing to splash the cash and commit to taking vitamins twice a day rather than simply once in the morning, then I can vouch that Hairburst is a product that works. Despite a couple of concerning dangerous ingredients, the end result is undeniable – I had longer, thicker and glossier hair that grew incredibly quickly after being persistent with the tablets. If you want your