Liquid lipsticks are quickly becoming the hot trend on the beauty scene, and as a self confessed beauty junkie I was absolutely more than happy to completely buy in. A product which adds colour to your lips, dries on and stays put for hours without needing a re-touch? I was completely sold, and quite quickly saw my collection grow tenfold.

I now boast liquid lipsticks in over 6 different brands, finishes, colours and styles, so I’d like to say that I know my stuff. When I spotted the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in the dreamy pink shade Rose Matter, I just couldn’t resist adding it to my basket to seeing what all the hype was about.

Finding Out About The Brand

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lips: Rose Matter review

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I follow Jeffree Star on a range of different social media platforms, so I’ve been aware of his cult brand for quite some time. Having seen blogger Beth Norton raving about the finish of the liquid lipsticks and this shade which was totally up my street, I decided to take the plunge – though the £16 price tag seemed a little steep for a liquid lipstick at first glance.

Rose Matter is a shade described by Jeffree Star on his website as a soft neutral coral which is ‘like crushed petals on your lips’. This is a pretty and versatile shade which will match most makeup looks, but offer something a little more dazzling than a classic nude.

I quite often sway towards pink tones thanks to my pale complexion so I was seriously excited for this baby to arrive. Did I need another liquid lipstick in my life? Absolutely not. Has that ever stopped me before? Also absolutely not. Let’s give it a go.

What Was I Expecting?

One of the main reasons I know of Jeffree Star is thanks to his rather public criticism of the infamous Kylie Jenner and the quality of her lip products. He’s regularly interviewed stating her liquid lipsticks are less than great, which is why I must admit I was expecting big things from this brand who are so happy to question the quality of others.

This, combined with the packaging, the range of shades and the hype surrounding the brand online and I was truly expecting a product which would blow me away.

Receiving My Jeffree Star Package

The package arrived from one of my favourite websites Beauty Bay in impeccably quick time – they never disappoint. I ripped it open immediately and got to work. My first impression was that this product smells absolutely damn delicious. It’s like bubblegum, and I immediately felt nostalgic upon opening it.

A small disclaimer alert, it rather disappointingly tastes nothing like bubblegum – I may or may not have licked my lips when wearing it to see if it tasted anywhere near as good as it smelled. As much as it’s a pretty decent lipstick – it ain’t a good snack.

What’s In The Product?

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lips: Rose Matter review

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One of the things which sold me on the product was the fact that it’s vegan friendly and completely cruelty free. As much as I am not vegan, I love to support brands which don’t test on animals and are loudly and proudly cruelty – I think all brands should be for this day and age!

The ingredients are all natural with no nasties in there, and as much as I’m no scientist – it’s good to see no palm oil featured in this product.

The packaging is loud, proud and pretty darn fabulous. The box itself is a hot pink emblazoned with pink stars. The actual liquid lipstick itself was slightly smaller than I was expecting, though I will say this product is incredibly pigmented, and a little goes a long way, so this isn’t too much of an issue for me.

Safety Analysis

Having taken a closer look at the ingredients, I’m pleased to see that Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick is primarily a completely safe product, as well as one which is cruelty free. Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate is the only ingredient which scored anything above a ‘low’ dangerous rating, being known in the industry as a product of medium hazard.

Naturally, I would prefer if the product had ingredients which were completely low in hazard levels, but one ingredient of a medium risk personally isn’t enough to put me off the product itself.

Putting It To The Test!

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lips: Rose Matter review

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The product is smooth to go on, though as I mentioned previously, the pigmentation is so strong you need to be careful when applying to make sure that you don’t make a mess and paint your face rather than just your lips! It dries incredibly quickly and you really don’t need to slap it on to get a full and pretty pink pout. The pigmentation is excellent and the doe foot applicator allows you to really work the product into the shape of your lips with ease – which made me very happy indeed.

The product dries on your lips and sets for the day – meaning no reapplication is needed. Here’s the part where I was most impressed, because by the end of the day my pout was still looking pretty fresh.

I wore Rose Matter to work and after several cups of coffee, a stress-related cupcake munch and a messy lunch, it still stood on my lips. Granted, it wasn’t quite as smooth and pigmented as it was in the morning, but I definitely didn’t need to fully re-apply.

I will say the product is pretty dry, and actually compared to some other liquid lipsticks can feel quite uncomfortable on the lips. I’ve resorted to wearing a slick of lip balm on top of the product to ensure a more comfortable wear.

The colour is so gorgeous that it’s worth the effort of reapplying lip balm to keep your lips hydrated, but it’s definitely worth considering because I’d say there are more comfortable liquid lipsticks out there. For a product titled ‘Velour Liquid Lipstick’, I was really expecting something softer and smoother on the lips.

How Does Jeffree Star Compare?

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lips: Rose Matter review

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Some of my favourite brands of liquid lipsticks are the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, which in my opinion is the best brand of liquid lipstick you can get. It retails at £17, which is slightly more expensive than the Jeffree Star Velour Lip, but for me it’s much more comfortable to wear.

It also lasts without a single smudge by the end of the day, and for me wins every time. I also have liquid lipsticks by NYX, Sephora, Rimmel and high street brand New Look. I would say the NYX products are by far my favourites for a cheaper price point.

They offer a very similar finish to the Jeffree Star but for a third of the price, and come in a variety of amazing colours. The pigmentation isn’t as good as Jeffree’s product, but for over £10 less that is a sacrifice I’m quite willing to make.

I personally feel like Rimmel and New Look aren’t great, and these are definitely the two brands I reach for least in my collection. I’ve rotated them out of my makeup bag and added Jeffree’s Rose Matter in – so I’d say it’s definitely in my top 3 liquid lipsticks, behind Kat Von D and NYX at the top. In at number 4 is Sephora, who also make some seriously special liquid lipsticks for a wonderfully cheap price, though the finish is also rather drying on the lips and needs a little lip balm.

Video, Jeffree Star Rose Matter Liquid Lipstick Review

Final Verdict!

I think that overall I was slightly disappointed with the product. Though the packaging is gorgeous and the colour is truly stunning, I think the drying effect on the lips is pretty frustrating. I’ve been having to use a lip scrub and lip balm before and after applying Rose Matter, and quite frankly that’s just too much like hard work for me.

However, the pigmentation is exceptional and I’m a big fan of the applicator – so I would definitely branch out into the Jeffree Star range again. It would have to be for a colour that I absolutely loved for that price point.

I would recommend this product to a friend who was willing to put in the work to get the results. Someone who takes care of their skin and regularly uses a lip scrub might find this product phenomenal, but someone a little lazier I’d encourage to avoid and go for something a little cheaper.

Which Are Your Favourite Liquid Lipstick Products?

Have you found a liquid lipstick which rivals the queen Kat Von D’s range? I’d love to hear your suggestions!