Skinny Coffee Club 28 Day Program REVIEW

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Losing weight, toning up and getting fit and healthy feels like an endless uphill battle. Ever since I started high school I’ve been looking for the best way to live a healthy lifestyle.

I’m not particularly naturally athletic and never really found my feet in a sport, so it’s been a challenge to find a way to stay healthy and enjoy it at the same time. Because athleticism doesn’t really come naturally to me, I’m always looking for ways to help me to stay in shape. If I’m honest – if it’ll give me a little boost to lose weight and shape up then I am interested.

Thanks to my lack of athletic prowess, my fitness attempts tend to be based solely in the gym. I try to eat a balanced diet and keep myself fit and well wherever possible. However, I am also a self-confessed lazy person. If I can take the easy way out or avoid working hard where possible, I definitely will.

Anything to give me a helping hand. I’ve been really struggling to get back into my fitness routine lately, especially after getting back from a holiday. I’ve been looking for something to help give me a little boost and increase my motivation to build a fitness routine again.

Why Skinny Coffee?

Skinny Coffee was something that I’d seen on Instagram and always scoffed at. I thought that there was no way on earth a specific type of coffee could make you feel fitter, healthier and possibly lose weight. I’d previously tried a detox tea and found the results to be incredible at first.

I felt lighter, healthier and definitely lost weight. However, almost instantly as soon as I stopped drinking the product the weight came back on with my normal routine, and I realised the product did not encourage sustainable results.

I anticipated that the Skinny Coffee would be the same, however, I was undeniably curious. I love coffee and live for my morning cup, so could I combine my favourite drink with something that would help to jumpstart my fitness routine again?

Choosing The Brand

Skinny Coffee Club 28 Day Program REVIEW

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I have seen a lot of different detox teas and coffees which contain the ingredient senna, which is actually a laxative treatment. Naturally, this is an incredibly unhealthy way to lose weight, and one which isn’t even slightly sustainable. I was looking for a detox coffee which didn’t contain any senna, but could help me feel refreshed, revitalised and energised too.

Holland and Barrett’s are a company that I trust when it comes to health care products. I regularly purchase vitamins and health supplements from Holland and Barrett and trust their product selection to offer me high quality goods every time.

I was browsing their selection of products and came across the Skinny Coffee Club’s 28 Day Coffee Program.

It immediately caught my eye because the product packaging was absolutely adorable. Not only this, but it immediately advertised itself as containing no senna, which is a huge plus point for me.

28 days is a relatively long time, but I was willing to give it a go with the hope of seeing some positive results. Plus, the price was less than £30 which is less than £1 a day, which I was more than happy to pay.

I decided to go for it, and if I felt like the product was upsetting my stomach or I wasn’t seeing any results, I could easily stop before the 28 days was up.

My Expectations Of The Product

If I’m being completely honest – I really wasn’t expecting big things from this product. My limited experience of these types of product have left me feeling slightly uncomfortable or bloated. Plus, I was super sceptical that these types of things would even work.

I also know that I can be quite forgetful – so whether or not I’d actually be able to keep up with 28 days worth of the program was left to be seen.

I was looking forward to getting stuck in and giving it a go, but my hopes certainly weren’t high.

What’s In The Skinny Coffee Club Coffee?

Before I actually tried out the product, I decided to take a little look at the ingredients of the product. Whilst I’d love a product that would help me to feel great in myself, I certainly wouldn’t be willing to try something without natural and healthy ingredients.


Ground Coffee, Ground Green Coffee, Siberian Ginseng, Spirulina, Green Tea Extract, Garcinia Cambogia.

I was pleased to see the ingredients listed seemed natural and there were lots of good things I recognised in there. It’s also positive to see a short list of ingredients as opposed to tons of different products which I don’t recognise.

Immediately I could spot green tea extract, ginseng and spirulina – three ingredients which I’m very familiar with. Things appeared to be looking up for the Skinny Coffee and I was very excited!

Receiving The Skinny Coffee

Skinny Coffee Club 28 Day Program REVIEW

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As always with Holland and Barrett, the product arrived in a timely manner, with excellent delivery.

The packaging of the Skinny Coffee was actually one of the things which swayed me towards the product. I loved the cardboard box and the cute pink and black logo with the little coffee icon. In the flesh, this packaging was even more adorable!

The cardboard box is sturdy but compact, and the coffee is inside a resealable bag which fits neatly in the box. The box is narrow, meaning it can easily slot into cupboards without taking up too much room.

Trying It Out

Skinny Coffee Club 28 Day Program REVIEW

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My first reaction of the coffee was that it was incredibly simple to prepare. Simply pop a spoonful in the cafetiere, fill with one cup’s worth of hot water and leave to brew for a few minutes. Then press the cafetiere down, dispense and it’s ready to drink.

Skinny Coffee say you need to drink it first thing in the morning around 20 minutes before breakfast, which was a great time for me to have my morning coffee before popping to work.

Usually I drink my coffee with milk, but Skinny Coffee recommends you don’t use milk or sugar unless it’s soya milk or almond milk and natural sweetener. I decided just have it black.

I was really pleasantly surprised with the taste! It doesn’t taste like typical coffee and has much more of a fruity and flavoursome aftertaste, which is quite nice! It’s a really warming and tasty to drink first thing in the morning, and I certainly felt awake and ready to conquer the day after a cup of it.

VIVEO, SkinnyCoffeeClub HONEST Review!

The Verdict?

A few weeks after taking the product and I can definitely see a difference. I feel less bloated, more comfortable and I look forward to my morning cup of Skinny Coffee.

There have definitely been times where I’ve had a slight stomach ache or cramp, and I most definitely feel like that’s down to the coffee working through my system, because I haven’t had a change of diet at all. It wasn’t uncomfortable enough to be an issue, but just something to bear in mind. I have found my stomach rumbling when at work on more than one occasion! Again, this hasn’t been much of an issue for me.