As a makeup lover, there’s one valuable life lesson that I’ve learned about the cosmetics industry, and that’s that you just have to get your foundation right. Your foundation is the base of your entire look (hence the name foundation, right?), and choosing one which is the right shade, texture, finish and style for your skin is a pretty hefty task, but one which should not be taken lightly.

You need a colour which matches your skintone, a coverage which compliments your complexion and a finish which suits your personal preference – from dewy to matte. I thought I’d found my one true love with Estee Lauder’s Double Wear foundation that sees me shelling out £32 a bottle, but when Urban Decay unleashed their All Nighter foundation my interest was piqued.

Why Choose All Nighter?

Urban Decay is a brand I trust. Not only are they a famous cruelty free brand, which I love to support and applaud wholeheartedly, but I have almost all of their eyeshadow palettes and their setting spray, and I’ve previously had several different types of product from the brand.

My skin is combination and rather pale, so I’m usually incredibly picky with foundation, but the concept of a base product which claims not to budge all day seemed too good to be true – so I simply had to see if this was the case.

Breakdown Of Ingredients:

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review

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After taking a quick look at the different ingredients which went into making this foundation, I was relatively surprised to see a few standout ingredients there listed with a medium level of hazard.

The scale goes from 1 – 10, so I still feel that those which fall around 3 and 4 are of a relatively low level of danger, as a brand which outwardly promotes cruelty free products I was anticipating every ingredient to be of low hazard.

I personally feel like level 3 and 4 hazard isn’t quite enough to deter me from purchasing the product, and if I were perhaps looking at around 6/7 I’d feel a little differently. However, naturally I’m sceptical about putting products on my skin which have any level of hazard attached to them.

I’ll be taking extra care with my makeup removal routine to ensure that every drop of product is gone from my skin overnight! Despite the slight concern over these ingredients, I still wanted to give this foundation a try.

I went along to Debenhams to get my colour matched because choosing the right shade online for your skintone is like a terrible version of the lottery where you lose about 9 times out of ten.

The lovely lady at the counter matched me to the shade 1.5, which is very pale indeed, and judging by the swatch on my cheek the colour was absolutely bang on. Seeing how closely the product matched my skin was the final kick for me to splurge and buy this product online, and at £29 I was quite excited at trying something slightly cheaper than Estee Lauder that seemed to at the very least be a better colour payoff for myself.

Could This Foundation Change My Life?

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review

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Urban Decay have marketed the product as a full coverage matte finish foundation that never looks overdone. Full coverage foundations can feel pretty heavy on the skin, so I was curious how I’d get on with this foundation – though some positive comments about the product on Twitter spurred me on.

After a bit of a blip with delivery – classic Hermes losing packages, I was pretty excited to get this package – albeit slightly later than I’d hoped and intended to receive it.

I was instantly greeted with the gorgeous Urban Decay box with stunning silver logo, though I suppose me ripping it open to grapple with the foundation didn’t do this lovely packaging any justice whatsoever.

When I opened the box I quickly fell in love with the design and the packaging of this product. It has a cool, industrial metallic steel grey bottle with a unique arty design.

The product comes out of a pump which is super handy, allowing you to easily control exactly how much product you’re distributing, helping to eliminate waste and allowing you to get the perfect amount, avoiding a dodgy orange complexion thanks to too much product.

Applying The Foundation

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review

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I applied the foundation with a damp beauty blender all over my face and into my neck, and on first impression I was impressed. The product is nice and thin, super easy to blend and sinks into the skin nicely.

It definitely has a full coverage and matte effect, instantly offering a perfecting finish on the skin. If you like your foundation to be natural and glowy then I’d say that this really won’t be for you. It blurs the skin for a smooth finish and whilst I personally love this flawless look, it couldn’t be more different to a natural and dewy base.

I set the product with some powder and was very happy with the end result. The foundation is probably the single closest match to my skin tone I’ve ever had – though I had read several reviews on the Urban Decay website and Debenhams website stating the product oxidises when you get outside and actually turns a lot more orange.

I set off to work to give it the real test and see whether I’d resemble myself or Donald Trump at the end of the day.

Video, Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation + First Impressions

My Urban Decay Verdict!

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review

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This foundation is quite aptly called ‘All Nighter’ – and trust me, it did not budge for me all day. I have since worn this foundation on nights out, to the gym and from morning til evening and haven’t had to touch up once.

It really is a long lasting product, particularly if you set it with powder. If you’re working a job which has long hours this will be absolutely perfect for you with little worry about retouching.

Compared to Estee Lauder’s Double Wear, I would say the product is definitely a little heavier on the skin and creates a more smoothing and matte effect. This will be really off putting for some but I am partial to this finish.

The product is slightly cheaper and still exceptional value for money, has a more appropriate shade to my skin tone than Double Wear and I think the package is infinitely better. Double Wear is in a glass bottle with no pump or spatula to distribute the product, which means the All Nighter foundation is way easier to apply and I suspect will last a lot longer this way too.

I honestly cannot express enough how impressed I am with this foundation if you’re a lover of high coverage and a matte finish. If you don’t like a flat foundation then this really won’t be your cup of tea, and I’d steer you more towards a lighter coverage, glowy foundation like Nars Sheer Glow or perhaps the Bourjois Healthy Mix.

The packaging really seals the deal for me, and thanks to the £3 saving from my usual foundation I can confirm at the time of writing this I’ve actually already ordered a replacement bottle because imagining the day I run out of this product is my living nightmare!

How Do You Feel About Matte Foundations?

Do you prefer a more glowy base? What is your favourite foundation of all time? We’d love to hear your thoughts.