Vichy Normaderm Correcting Anti-Blemish Care REVIEW

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I am always looking to expand my skincare and protect my skin. I love beauty products and makeup, so it’s important I protect my skin. If I’m going to be loading my face with makeup every day then I need to protect it! Over the past 12 months or so, I’ve made a conscious effort to up my skincare routine.

I’ve been investing in a range of different products to keep my skin looking healthy and fresh. I’m pretty satisfied with my cleansing routine before bed, but I still suffer with occasional blemishes on my face. It’s quite frustrating really.

I have my skin looking smoother and plumper than ever, yet still have problem blemishes I can’t shift. So I decided to look for a product that would attempt to tackle my blemishes. Getting rid of problem areas on my skin will make me 100% confident with my face and most importantly, my skin.

Why Anti-Blemish Care?

I began to search for products that would help me to tackle blemishes specifically. One product that caught my eye was the Vichy Normaderm Correcting Anti-Blemish Care. It’s a moisturiser full of ingredients designed to tackle blemishes and imperfections.

It’s designed to help your skin look radiant and hydrated, which are two things that I would absolutely love to achieve with my skin! It claims to offer 24 hour hydration, and can be used day or night. It’s also apparently excellent as a primer under your foundation, which is quite an exciting prospect indeed!

First, however, I decided to take a little bit more of a look into Vichy. Is its incredible sounding product worth an investment for myself?

Why Vichy?

Vichy are certainly a brand I’d heard of before, with several friends owning products by this brand and swearing by them. I’ve also seen a few bloggers like Em Talks discussing Vichy products. The Vichy Dermablend foundation is something I’ve seen positively reviewed a lot – so this brand was certainly on my radar.

Vichy’s website claims that all of their products are combined with ‘ground breaking, efficacious formulations made with naturally inspired active ingredients’. Their products have been clinically proven and are proclaimed to guarantee healthy looking skin.

The product was quite a bargain at £15 – so I decided to go for it. I took the plunge and I ordered the Vichy Normaderm moisturiser.

What Was I Hoping For?

Vichy Normaderm Correcting Anti-Blemish Care REVIEW

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After such high claims from the Vichy website and the great reputation the brand seemed to have, I was excited to receive my product. I was anticipating a moisturiser that would feel fantastic on the skin. Not only this, but I was hoping my skin would feel nourished, hydrated and that I would see an improvement in my blemishes.

I was looking for a moisturiser that I could implement into my routine relatively seamlessly both morning and night. I was hoping for a product that would double up as a primer, as I’d previously read.

Mainly, I was looking for a moisturiser that I could put on all over my face after cleansing, and hopefully wake up with skin that is blemish free and hydrated.

I placed the order from the official Vichy website because it was their website which had persuaded me to invest in the product, so I made the purchase there and then.

Receiving The Vichy Normaderm

Vichy Normaderm Correcting Anti-Blemish Care REVIEW

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The Vichy product arrived within a couple of days. I was very impressed with not only the speed of the delivery, but also with the communication from the brand. I was kept in the loop and updated regularly about the delivery of my product, which is a great selling point for any brand in my opinion.

The product was packaged well. It came with a navy blue booklet full of information about the product itself, which is another big tick in the box for me. It looks incredibly professional and high-end, which is fantastic for a moisturiser retailing at £15. The brand were efficient, impressive and very well-informed.

When it comes to new products, for me, the more information the better. Because of the presentation of the Vichy Normaderm I was very happy indeed upon receiving the product.

The actual packaging of the moisturiser itself is also good. The tube is relatively thin and I must admit, smaller than I was expecting. However, the bright mint green colour combined with the silver text is really quite striking.

I like the thin tube design, it feels great in your hand and fits comfortably into a makeup bag. It comes with a pump which allows you to distribute as much product as you like. It also comes with a clear lid to pop on top and ensure it doesn’t leak inside your bag.

So far so good – now it was time for me to check out the ingredients and see if the product was as natural as Vichy claim to be!

Vichy Normaderm Correcting Anti-Blemish Care Ingredients

I was disappointed to see an item marked as an ‘8’ on the hazardous scale. Anything over a 5 is cause for concern, because naturally you don’t want to be popping ingredients on your face that could be causing you damage.

However, I did notice that the ingredient was ‘parfum’ or ‘fragrance’, which seems like a relatively vague ingredient. Perhaps if it was more specific it would be causing me concern, but having fragrance in a product seems relatively normal – even if it is hazardous!

There were a couple of other ingredients registering a 3 or a 4 on the scale of dangerousness, which is of course not ideal. However, for me personally, anything under a 5 isn’t too much of a worry if it’s a product I love.

Despite there being one concerningly high ingredient on the scale, I was still quite keen to give this product a go.

Putting it to the Test

Vichy Normaderm Correcting Anti-Blemish Care REVIEW

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The first thing I noticed about this product after squeezing some out on the back of my hand is that it’s an interesting minty colour. It also smells absolutely incredible. The scent is almost like aloe vera. It’s very soothing and reminds me of a spa, which is fantastic when you’re putting it on before bed because it’s quite a relaxing scent.

The product also has an incredibly silky feeling to it. A tiny pump goes a long way, and I found that I could completely cover my face with just one pump. That also means that my earlier observation about the size being a little smaller than expected doesn’t matter. I am fully expecting to get a lot of product for my money with this one!

It feels effortlessly smooth as I rub it onto my face. My skin seems to drink it in. I’m really not left feeling sticky or having to wait for it to absorb before I can get into bed. This is a real positive for me because I am impatient. Anything that saves me time is a winner in my books!

The first day I woke up after using it my skin felt really plump and incredibly soft. I’ve now been using this 3-4 times a week for the past couple of weeks. I’ve certainly seen a difference in my skin now!

I have less blemishes, my skin feels smoother and I definitely feel like my skin is a lot more hydrated. Not only that, but I’m addicted to the gorgeous smell and I love how cooling the moisturiser is on the skin.

My Verdict

For £15, I’m delighted to have a product I’m reaching for often that has had a lovely effect on my skin.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Vichy Normaderm Correcting Anti-Blemish Care moisturiser to a friend. Whilst there are some ingredients in the product that are registering as potentially dangerous, the overall quality of the product is fantastic.